Suppose the sole reason why we do anything is to produce the
sounds that such actions would cause: we build machines, for
instance, so that we can hear the sounds they make. We drive
cars and trains so that we can hear the sounds of acceleration and
speed. We eat so that we can hear the crunching and swallowing.
I just dropped a pencil, not by accident, but because the sound
needed to exist. Leaves are shaped the way they are so that they
can make the sounds they do when wind blows through them.
Numbers were invented so that we can count the sounds. Time
was invented so that we could try to measure the distance of
sounds, the durations of attacks, sustains and decays of sound
events and the distances between different sounds. Suppose we
breathe so that the sound of air can enter our body in two-part
harmony with our heartbeat. Here is a perfect example of the kind
of form that interests me: an endless self-similarity, but never
would exact repetition be possible, never would the breathing
and heart beat fall together in exactly the same way as before.