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HD video projection and 16 channel sound diffusion.

Disintegration patterns, reappearance, remembrance, distance, underwater-like state of being.

Low light, ultra long-distance, the camera’s struggle to focus.

Please note that the posted video is an inserpt and not the whole piece, which is to be experienced in installation in a completely dark room. It is spatialized so as to move through and around the viewer as smoke in the wind would. (Speakers are installed behind and around the viewer). For this viewing please view in dark room and set screen to 80% brightness. This work is normally installed under my personal instruction in a dark space and projectors are calibrated since the material is very dark.

Collaboration with Li Alin - Kunst Am Spreeknie Berlin.

The music functions as an audification of the telepathic potential that exists between humans and trees. This music is composed for trees. The listeners are trees. The humans present are active participants in an exchange with the trees. The humans are not the audience in this situation. Human participants should follow the sound closely as a guide to open their telepathic capacity in order to have a silent non-verbal exchange with the trees.

Instructions to participants: visualise each sound as a part of your body, extending to a part of the tree (roots, branches, leaves, overall presence). Allow for spontaneous free association to take place.

For this iteration, Li Alin becomes the interpreter of the plant telepathy music experience, whilst embodying the character DENA from her Enter Me Tonight series.

Li Alin

Since 1996, Julie Méalin aka Li Alin presents art works questioning evolution strategies and

human reproduction. Her projects include a notorious sperm bank Eugenie sponsored by the

Canada Council for the Arts and the Canadian Cultural Center in Paris, the provocative sperm

distribution Weisser Markt in the Zoologischer Stadtgarten Karlsruhe for the exhibition

Menschenpark organized by the Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung directed by Peter Sloterdijk,

her multidisciplinary performance Royal Mustang presented at La Chapelle, Contemporary Scenes

developed at the Tanzhaus NRW in Düsseldorf with the European network Tryangle |

A plant has a modular design, so it can lose up to ninety per cent of its body without being killed,” he said. “There’s nothing like that in the animal world. It creates a resilience.”

“Yes, plants have both short- and long-term electrical signalling, and they use some neurotransmitter-like chemicals as chemical signals,” Lincoln Taiz, an emeritus professor of plant physiology

at U.C. Santa Cruz.

So happy to meet and encounter this wonderful being.

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