Vuurvangerkind, HD (re-edited) Video and 16-channel sound diffusion, Dublin (2016).


Lullaby for InfrasoundBed (40min loop) - Toffee Festival, City Hall Cape Town (2011).


Streams, 16.8 channel sound sculpture - with Max/MSP and Cymascope (a sound healing device) frequency dial tones. The Compound, San Francisco (2010).


Static Blackout, 16.8 channel sound sculpture - with Max/MSP and Nord Modular Synth.  The Compound, San Francisco (2010).


Looping I, recursive projections with light, glass and live video. An installation using Max/MSP/Jitter, 2 live cameras and 3 projectors, The Compound, San Francisco (2010).


The Sleeping - HD Video Performance, China Town, San Francisco - video stolen (2009).


Wunderflater, Sculpture/Architecture/Installation/Networked live audio-feed. Really complex network audio streaming achievement! Building a Supercollider mixer in combination with a Linux Network Audio protocal called Jacktrip to link up seven remote spaces acoustically. Tomas Welton Gallery, Stanford. MFA group collaborative show with Michael Arcega, Reed Anderson, Kazumi Shiho and Jina Valentine and with much help from CCRMA (Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics) who developed Jacktrip (2009).


Vuurvangerkindmens, HD Video and 16-channel sound diffusion, CCRMA Stage, Stanford (2009).


Noexi(s)t, HD Video and 8-channel sound diffusion, CCRMA stage, Stanford (2008).


8x8x8 Black Sensory Box, Stanford (2008).

Skatesonic Interactive skateboard and music project for P.A.R.Ty Seoul, Korea (2008).


Feb – May: Exhibit Ephemeral Gumboots at the Ogaki Biennale 2004, on invitation by IAMAS (Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences /International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences), dedicated to the theme ofSCHOOL OF FUTURES