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Snow is a three track synthesis cd inspired by overwhelming feelings of white, minimal landscape, contact with total solitude. Created during a residency at Akademie Schloss Solitude, Snow is the soundtrack to my first experience of European winter. Over new years eve, everyone left the Schloss and I was for 2 days, the only soul wandering the castle grounds, lost in the thick walls of mist and the echos of the empty castle corridors. Simultaneous heaven and disintegration of the self. The way light reflects in mist, the way the nights are darker than dark, the way it plays with one's perception.

Track 1 sn.w approaches this landscape as a whole, Track 2 sno. approaches individual particals and Track 3 .now internalises it. SNOW - Verlag: Merz & Solitude.

The entire work started from improvisation in Max/MSP running Markov and brownian number generators (mostly the well known Karlheinz Essl objects) to control filters and oscillators on a Nordrack II. Events hidden in softer frequencies are exposed to reveal subliminal patterns. A slow, continuous shift in frequency lens view. Frames are made: various freq bands that allow only limited access to the whole. In performance the sound is meant to enclose and drown the viewer, using a 16 speaker surround configuration. The stereo track is simply multiplied and spatialized so as to move through and around the viewer as smoke in the wind would.

Track 1 sn.w

Track 2 sno.

Track 3 .now

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